How to Borrow Money from a Bank for Approval Directly

There are many factors that affect your bank’s credit rating. If you want your application approved, you must meet these principles:

The first way to lend money to your bank for approval is to meet the character principle. Characters are like personalities. The essence of this principle is to evaluate your characteristics.

Can you be trusted if your loan application is approved?

Can you be trusted if your loan application is approved?

Banks usually conduct checks through Good Finance Checking as well as interviews or verification.

For those of you who don’t know, Good Finance Checking is your personal loan history information, either in leasing or banks across Indonesia.

Don’t be surprised if your loan application is rejected because of this time, many companies are working with financial institutions such as Good Credit. So make sure you have a good loan history, dude!

The second principle is the capacity


This principle is your benchmark in paying credit and assessing your good Financelity to run a financially viable career, whether as an employee or a personal venture.

Let’s take an example if you are an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur. When you claim to own a business whose finances are run by family members such as in-laws or siblings, of course, this will be a question mark for the bank if you are the owner of the business.

In addition, the bank will also question your capacity for managing the business which will ultimately depend on your financial management capacity. So make sure that you meet this capacity to get your loan approved quickly.

This capacity is closely linked to those who feel they have good credit or have never applied for credit but are still being rejected by the bank. Before you argue with the bank, it is best to understand this principle first.

Capital refers to the condition of assets and wealth owned by a person, especially a business owner. Simply put, banks can easily verify the progress of your business by looking at how much profit you make each month and compared to the total assets you have.

For example, if you lent a bank loan of USD 200 million, but you have a total business capital of $ 50 million and assets of $ 100 million and a loan of another bank of $ 50 million, then the loan amount of Rp 200 million you can make sure will be rejected.

The way to lend money to your bank for immediate approval

The way to lend money to your bank for immediate approval

Is to comply with the fourth principle of collateral or collateral. Did the assets you transferred to the bank cover the filing? Does your collateral have legible documents and according to the bank procedure in which you lend?

Customers who fail to make a submission usually do not consider collateral value. So make sure you comply with the principle of collateral so that your loan is approved by the bank yes Dude!

The last principle is Collateral. This principle is a condition that is influenced by factors outside the bank or the customer. The economic condition of a country or region is also one of the considerations when a bank will liquidate a loan. Whether it’s an employee or an entrepreneur. For example, banks have not been able to provide loans for political conditions in areas where government policy is less stable.

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