Credits sold by consortium grow almost 25%

From January to May this year, the volume of credits sold by consortium grew by almost 25% compared to the same period in 2016. The business exceeded $ 36 billion. Adhesions to the consortium also grew: in the period, 912.5 thousand shares were sold, 7.8% more than last year. The System has been increasing in several indicators in 2017.

May registered the second best sale of the year, behind only April, which was an annual record, with 195 thousand adhesions. In May, 185 thousand shares were sold, compared to 165.7 thousand in 2016.

“The economic scenario has signaled positive perspectives. There is always the confidence that the consumer, when feeling the changes, can choose to plan their goals via consortium. In fact, a recent survey by Quorum Brasil, carried out at the request of CredNow Finance, showed that in 2017 82% of participants planned to join the mechanism. This represents an increase of 15 percentage points over the previous year ”, explains CredNow Finance executive president, John Kossi.


Credit trade

Credit trade

The Consortium System registered an average ticket of $ 40.7 thousand in May, a value 10.6% higher than the $ 36.8 thousand recorded in the fifth month of 2016.

Credits traded in May showed an increase of 16.4%, from $ 6.47 billion to $ 7.53 billion. In the accumulated result for the year ( $ 36.3 billion), the increase was 24.7%.

From January to May, five of the six segments of the consortium showed an increase in sales. The exception is the motorcycle consortium. Despite the 3% increase in commercialized credits and 9.6% in the average ticket, it has been registering constant decreases.


Active participants, contemplations and credits granted

credit loans

Even with the positive balances in the various indicators, the total number of consortium members in the consortium fell, as in previous months. The total in May was 6.93 million (2017), 1.9% less than the 7.06 million (2016) recorded in May 2016.

Contemplations in the first five months of the year totaled 503 thousand, 12% less than the 571.8 thousand in the same period last year. Also in the corresponding loans granted, there was a 6.5% retraction, decreasing from $ 17.11 billion to $ 16 billion.

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